At the end of this chapter, you will be able to: 1.Have a good understanding of sign 2. Sign-in to Gabriel system 3.Sign-out of Gabriel system 4.Display area status 5.Define areas 6.Know the advantages of multiple areas 7.Move between different areas
1.1      Introduction The purpose of this manual is to aid in the familiarization of reservation agents with the SITA Reservation System. All entries are identified by function designators. Function Designators are designed to be easy to remember and use. The following are some examples of function designators:
  • NM : Individual Passenger Name
  • GN : Group Name
  • CT : Contact information
  • TK : Ticketing information
Most entries have a two character function designator. When using a two character function designator, the colon (:) separator is optional. NM:1KLOPP/ANTHONY OR NM1KLOPP/ANTHONY Some entries use a one, three or four character function designator. The colon (:) separator is mandatory,  for  the  1,3 or 4 character function designator. For example, the function designator TCC or CALC require the use of the colon (:). In this user guide entries will be presented in their most complete form. Whenever an item is optional,  this condition will be indicated in its description. In this user guide the use of the Airline code:
  • HA Designates Host Airline
  • OA Designates any Other Airline
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